Monday, June 26, 2006

up 2 date

The world wants me to be
up to date with
the world itself
future that will or won't come
it makes me think that I'm so retarded;
that i've missed my turn or something
worse that than that:
like my chance in life
the one that will never repeat itself
just passed and will never happen again
I will never be up to date ever again
with all these things happening
and after me
should I try to catch my own me
from the future
on every day, week, month?
today's me is not me
future me it's not me
who am I?
i don't know - anymore

ależ Łukaszek ma czarne chmurki...
hej fk! ale przecież na wesołą poezję nikt nie zwraca uwagi, czyż nie?
hmmm, jestem nikim? :)) jak zawsze jesteś urocz miły.
haha, dobre! :-) a ty jak zawsze się ze mną sprzeczasz... ech, ty... FKuniu!
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