Monday, July 04, 2005

from Poland into... the silence?

Wow! last 7 days must have been really fast, I have the feeling that I've spent much more time back home! and how different Low Lands are from what I had there; right now, for example, it's raining like hell (I'd like to call it 'tropical rain', it's warm)... I know that in Poland there's very hot right now. Will we have a normal summer here?

After stepping out of the bus, I was welcomed by... silence. Strange. Very strange. No one spoke in the train. No one spoke on the tram stop. The first (and only) word I've heard there was 'bullshit', when one guy together with me missed first tram. I guess it was too early to expect people conversing too much (7.30). But still, the effect was quite strange.

Now I'm at work, sleepy and trying to collect my thoughts. And it's raining, raining, raining...

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