Monday, June 13, 2005 Lose the election? Whom to blame?

Here's an interesting article publishing results of a study that shows that in more than 60% of cases, we "judge the book by it's cover", even when we don't admit that:
Lose the election? Whom to blame?. This may be against the noble intentions of 'civilized' world - to treat everyone according the their 'inside', no matter how they look - but, when you think about it, it's backed by millions of years of evolution!

With all this civilization-produced baggage of attitudes and customs, we shouldn't forget other, much bigger legacy, that's hidden deep in our souls. I regard this so-called 'primitive' area very interesting and, as a force driving us to lots of activities, powerful. Power (and sex, being the result of the former) guide us through our lives, and everything seems to be entwined around it and we better admit it (unlike some people, who wouldn't admit being so 'low' and 'primitive').

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