Thursday, April 28, 2005

PhysOrg: Researchers identify sleep gene

As part of my "never-ending quest to understand the wonderful phenomena of sleep", I've came across this article on PhysOrg:
Researchers identify sleep gene. Apparently, fruit flies (which sleep like humans, between 6 and 12 hrs/day) have a specific gene that regulates potassium channels that activates the neuons inside the cells. Flies, that have this gene removed, need approx. 1/3 less sleep. As fruit flies, due to their simpler DNA, are usually used to verify ideas that later can be applied to humans, it won't be long until we will "produce" a man that doesn't need to sleep at all (all those X-Files episodes and Sci-Fi films are coming back to me right now).

Let me muse some more on sleep: I'm one of those (unhappy) people that dream very rarely, and I think it is very unfair (well, life in general is, but still it sucks!). It's a pity, this "mystic kingdom" is always so vivid and real, that it beats all films & music I've ever heard in my whole life. The best horror movies-like I've seen were in my sleep... and still, I have them so rarely.

OK, enough: I'm going to bed.

PS: I watched The Machinist, where a guy can't sleep for last 12 months and start to see things and people that don't exist.

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